BEDA 2015: 03 – Review of “Say Uncle”


So the newest episode of Steven Universe aired yesterday. As the above image suggests it was a crossover with Uncle Grandpa. A lot of fans have been really concerned about this episode so now that it’s aired and I’m doing BEDA I thought I’d share my thoughts.


I should start by saying while I am a big fan of Steven Universe I couldn’t care less about Uncle Grandpa. I tried watching it earlier today to see what the format is like and it was just boring. Its humour relies on being random but it doesn’t seem to know how to make random funny. That said in Steven Universe the random humor that came from Uncle Grandpa actually worked. Being a Steven Universe episode rather than an Uncle Grandpa episode really helped because it meant having the Steven Universe writing team.


The writers really helped keep a balance of the two shows. They care about their characters and actually used the fact Uncle Grandpa is so out of place in their consistent universe as the entire focus of the episode leading to the moral of not misjudging and hating people who we don’t understand.


It’s also easy to accept once they make it clear Uncle Grandpa is from another universe and can travel between realities. When crossovers include multiversal travel characters tend to bring their powers of their universe with them. Fortunately Uncle Grandpa didn’t bring the boring writing of his show with him.

So while it’s nowhere near being one of the best episodes even in season two but it is much better than I was expecting and actually managed to make Uncle Grandpa work in a way he doesn’t in his own show. But if it still bothers you just remember the following



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