BEDA 2015: 04 – Yet Another Smash Bros Wishlist


So during last year’s BEDA I posted a few Smash Bros wishlists (the first of which was on the 4th too amusingly enough). And now that there is a character vote going on I have an excuse to make another. Half of my first wishlist made so lets see how I do this time.


First it’s worth pointing out that I don’t expect that any character already in the game as an Assist Trophy, Pokémon, Boss, Final Smash or stage cameo is an option even if they get loads of votes. This means as much as I’d love Isabelle, Waluigi or Genesect they’re not going to be on this list.



Out of the cut characters from Brawl he might have the best chance. While it’s true he’s ahi clone of Fox he’s more unique in his animations, unlike Falco who is in the game. Plus there aren’t enough villains in the game which is why I’m also suggesting…


King K. Rool

From last year’s wishlist. While not a regular in the Donkey Kong series he is his most recognizable villain.



Also from last year’s wishlist. I doubt they will include it since they’re already including a DLC Pokémon character but now that Mega Sceptile is a thing it has a better chance than it did last year.



I almost didn’t include third party characters since on their Facebook post linking to the vote they said Nintendo characters. But there are three that I feel are worth including regardless. Snake is here because they did include him once before and while Kojima is leaving Konami he did say he hoped Snake still had a chance of being in Smash back when the game’s roster was still being revealed.



Remember that fake Rayman leak that happened recently? Well that might convince Nintendo and Ubisoft that people would love to see him in the game. Plus he has a trophy so it’s not like it would be hard for them to gain access to him.


Banjo Kazooie

So until today I would have said these two weren’t an option now that Microsoft owns Rare. But then I saw a tweet from head of X-Box Phil Spencer saying he thinks it would be cool and that there would be no issues as they’ve worked with Nintendo on Rare IP before so perhaps there’s a chance.



Despite having an Assist Trophy in Brawl Isaac is completely absent from the new Smash Bros. So I’m including him in my wishlist again but also suggesting his son Matthew (who looks exactly like him) as another choice.



So Splatoon isn’t even out yet and it’s already popular enough that these things are appearing on most DLC wishlists. Plus it’s getting its own Amiibos meaning that they’d have Amiibo support right away before a Smash Bros model comes out. But most importantly they’re a new IP from Nintendo.



Back when the game was coming out I heard a lot of support for there being a Rhythm Heaven characters and Marshal seems like the logical choice. I know a lot of people wanted the Chorus Kids but their design is pretty much three Marshals. That reminds me.


Ice Climbers

Not for the result of the vote but it would be nice to get them back, even if they’re Wii-U exclusive due to the programing issues that kept them from the 3DS.



They could make her a clone of Peach but considering she mostly appears in spin-off titles she could have a sports themed moveset much like Waluigi’s Assist Trophy.


Captain Toad/Toadette

Since regular Toad is out of the question due to being part of Peach’s (and Kirby’s) moveset why not bring the Toads with their own game. And they can work like Robin, Wii-Fit Trainer and Bowser Jr by having both characters in the same slot.



Not enough Zelda characters, not enough villains. Adding Zant solves both these problems. Plus as Zelda characters go he’s probably the one with the best chance since all the fan favourites as Assist Trophies already and the playable Zelda characters do have their Twilight Princess designs.

Well that should be enough. I don’t expect all of these to make it since while I do expect we’ll get more than one more DLC character after Lucas I doubt we’ll get 13. But I’d be happy to see any of these characters.


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