BEDA 2015: 05 – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Wishlist


Two wishlists in a row? Well with this game I have a better chance of getting more than one right. With so few new characters left in the manga chapters between when Storm 3 left off (especially with most being introduced in Storm Revolution) so we might finally see characters upgraded from support characters or NPCs in this game. We’ve already got confirmation Hanabi is playable so limited screen time fighting shouldn’t be an excuse for them now. So one with the wishlist.


Chojuro and Kurotsuchi

In the epilogue these two are the Mizukage and Tsuchikage respectively. I’ve felt these two have earned a playable slot before this but now that we know they become Kages in their later life I think they need to finally be playable. Out of all the support characters these two deserve a playable slot the most.


Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Despite not actually doing any fighting he has such a big role in the series as a whole it would be a waste not to include the option to play as the Sage of Six Paths himself. Especially with all the other characters mimicking him with their ultimate forms. It would be nice to see his brother too.



Another choice based on the epilogue. Karui is Choji’s wife in the last chapter yet she hasn’t even appeared as an NPC in the Storm games. That needs to change because I want to play as all the canon couples when this game comes out and that includes ChoKaru.

Hyuuga_Hiashi hiashi wallpapers hiashi imagens hiashi image (1)

Hiashi Hyuga

So when Hanabi was revealed it was alongside a screenshot of a Hyuga team up ultimate that includes Hinata, Hiashi, Neji and Hiashi. I don’t know if this means he’s playable or at least a support character but I sure hope it does.


The Last versions of all the Konoha 11

So I think Sai and Shikamaru have a good chance of being included as they are part of the main team in the movie, as does Toneri. But I’d love it if we got everyone who got a new design in The Last to get a new slot and moveset or at the very least the Konoha 11.



He’s getting his own movie later this year which should be out in Japan before this game so by that point we should know how he fights. Plus I’d love to see any of the other kids from his generation join him (even if it’s just Sarada).


Zetsu (in any of his many forms)

Considering this is the point in the manga when Zetsu becomes important it’s finally time we had every Akatsuki member be playable. I don’t care which Zetsu they pick as long as he’s there.


Young Madara and Young Hashirama

It looks like we’re going to get to play their big fight but I really hope we get to play the entire flashback. Maybe even include their fathers. Either way they’d be nice additions to the roster.



So maybe he’s not that likely but I still want him to be playable. Plus if they do add Karui they could include Omoi and Samui too.

266 Naruto Shippuden 266 Zabuza and Seven Swordsmen-620x

The Seven Swordsmen

Probably not likely since their chapters in the manga were covered in Storm 3 but it would be such a great touch to include the remaining members regardless. On a similar note…


Kinkaku and Ginkaku

Highly unlikely but still would love to see them included.


Hokage Naruto

Every so often the Storm games will give Naruto a Hokage costume which is Sage Naruto with Minato’s cloak. Now that Naruto actually is Hokage he deserves his own slot.

There are a few others I’d like but think are so likely of getting included it’s not worth adding them. Plus I’ve only got half an hour of today left to post this so I think that should be enough.


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