BEDA 2015: 07 – Nintendo Crossovers I’d love to see


With games such as Hyrule Warriors and the upcoming Pokkén as well as full fledged crossovers like Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem I really hope we’re seeing an increase in crossover games where Nintendo lets another company make a game in their usual style using their characters. So because I like writing wishlists for my BEDA blogs I figured why not make one about games I’d love to see make crossovers with Nintendo properties. Expect a lot of Pokémon crossovers on this list.


Soul Calibur (again)

It was Link’s guest appearance in Soul Calibur II that got many people (myself included) into the Soul Calibur series in the first place and with more console appearances from Link I’d love to see him return to this series with a Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword inspired design. Or perhaps they could include some Fire Emblem characters or Pit from Kid Icarus. And most importantly they could finally give us a HD remake of Soul Calibur II on the Wii-U. The PS2 and X-Box versions got a HD remake PS3 and 360 with Heihachi and Spawn being on both versions which would suggest if we did get a Wii-U version we’d finally get to play as all three guest characters. But mostly I just want this series to be released on a Nintendo console again.


Final Fantasy

Now it’s true that Mario has crossed over with Final Fantasy a few times but the crossovers I have in mind are a little different. First is of course a SquareEnix Zelda game made in a Final Fantasy style with a few guest characters and creatures. A bit like Hyrule Warriors but with guests. My second idea is a game that includes Pokémon and the various creatures from the Final Fantasy series. I don’t even care what kind of game it is as long as it includes Pokémon interacting with creatures like Moogles, Chocobos and Cactuar I’ll be happy.



Fans have been imagining crossovers between Pokémon and Digimon for years and since Gamefreak have already let Bandai Namco use Pokémon for Pokkén there’s a good chance it might happen one day.


Yo-Kai Watch

Some people seem to think this will some kind of “Pokémon killer” but considering it’s a 3DS game people are more likely to just buy both. But perhaps a crossover of the two franchises might be an option…


Disney Infinity

The developers of Disney Infinity have said they’re considering Amiibo support for future titles in the franchise. I’d love it if this meant a Wii-U exclusive option to play as Nintendo characters by placing an Amiibo on the character slot.


Vs Capcom

We might not be expecting another Smash Bros until Nintendo’s next console but why not bring Nintendo into Capcom’s big crossover fighting game series?


Sonic the Hedgehog

Yes Mario and Sonic have crossed over a few times but it’s mostly just for Smash Bros and the Olympics. It would be great to see them travel through each other’s worlds in a game like Sonic Generations. They came close with that Yoshi’s Island DLC for Sonic Lost World but Mario still needs to run through a Sonic style world.


Pokémon/Animal Crossing

While most of these suggestions have been Nintendo + Third Party I can’t ignore the fact that a Pokémon Crossing game would be amazing.


Pokémon Amiibo support outside of Smash Bros

Come on Gamefreak, let other games use your Amiibos already. The fact the One Piece Amiibo support doesn’t include a Pikachu costume for Chopper (same voice actress) is a huge disappointment. Pac-Man, Megaman and Sonic have a wider Amiibo range than Pikachu and they’re third party characters.



Yes, Nintendo should do crossovers with itself more. Super Smash Bros shouldn’t be the only thing that brings all these franchises together. We are getting a few mini crossovers like Mario Kart 8’s DLC but I’m thinking more full games built around crossovers.


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