BEDA 2015: 08 – Mario Kart 8 DLC Wishlist


This is turning into Wishlist Every Day In April. But with Mario Kart 8’s Animal Crossing DLC coming out later this month I’ve been thinking about what other things I might like to see them add if they ever plan on making more DLC for this game. Especially since we’re not going to get another Mario Kart game until they bring out a new console. Anyway on to the list.



Lets get the obvious one out of the way first. I’d love to see Pikachu join the race and to have a track based on the world of Pokémon. Come on Gamefreak, let Nintendo have a bit more freedom with Pokémon. Or at the very least give the game some Pokémon Amiibo support.


Bowser Jr

He’s only ever been in two Mario Kart games, he deserves to be brought back. Plus Mario Kart 8 has all the Koopalings but now Bowser Jr? I’m still not over this, bring back Bowser Jr. Especially now that he’s been in Smash Bros.



The Mario Kart games have had many of Bowser’s henchmen compete in the race yet the Goombas are never amongst them. Now that’s probably because they have no arms but that would just make it even more entertaining.

Dr Mario

Dr. Mario

We’ve got Mario, Metal Mario, Baby Mario and Tanooki Mario. Logically the next step in the versions of Mario list is Dr. Mario. Followed by…


Fire Mario

Yes I put Mario on this list twice. Why? Because I’d love to see the rage that would come from people who were annoyed at the addition of Tanooki Mario when they see yet another version of Mario.



I know you’ve got your own racing game Sonic, and I know you’ve got Amiibo support for this game too but since Mario didn’t get a guest spot of the Wii release of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed you should get one on Mario Kart 8. Plus there could be a Green Hill Zone race track.

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong

Poor Donkey Kong, no one else from his series joining him in the race. In fact…


Dixie Kong

Lets bring Dixie too.



To complete the Tropical Freeze line up.



Remember this guy? He was the villain in Super Mario Land. Speaking of lesser known Mario villains…



Seriously classic villains need a comeback.


Captain Toad

His backpack would put him in the heavyweight class, which would be hilarious.



Along with my earlier request for Pikachu and the fact Link is already included we’d get the main four of the Smash Bros series.


Petey Piranha and King Boo

Mostly Petey Piranha but since King Boo was his partner in Double Dash I included him too.



Because of Dumbing of Age. Yes I’m including a character because they got mentioned a couple of times in a web comic.


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