BEDA 2015: 09 – Designs from the Ultimate Universe I wouldn’t mind seeing after Secret Wars


Yes it’s another wishlist and yes I already talked about Secret Wars but I’ve got an hour to write this and this is the only topic that I could think of.



Welcome to die! Professor Thorgi made a good point about how Magneto’s origin might lean more towards his Ultimate counterpart (who is dead btw), if they do this I’d love to see him use his Ultimate universe costume too. It’s pretty much classic Magneto but with the purple and red swapped around but it looks better than his more recent 616 outfits.


Cloak and Dagger

Not that different from their 616 counterparts but I’d say they look more unique. Dagger’s outfit isn’t weirdly revealing here and I like the glow on Cloak’s… cloak. Plus we haven’t seen 616 Cloak and Dagger for a while but these two have been popping up a few times in Miles’ comics so even if they’re the 616 versions these can still be their new outfits.



I really liked the design Galactus got in Cataclysm, since he is a 616 character there’s no reason he can’t keep this new look.


Thor Odinson

Since we know the new Thor is sticking around perhaps the Odinson needs a new look.


Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four keep redesigning their outfits ever few months. While the Ultimate Fantastic Four aren’t wearing these outfits any more they still would be a good choice for a post Secret Wars Fantastic Four.


Nick Fury

Out of all of these choices this is the one I’m most certain they’ll be going with.


One thought on “BEDA 2015: 09 – Designs from the Ultimate Universe I wouldn’t mind seeing after Secret Wars

  1. I agree with your article. I loved the Ultimate universe too. I loved the Ultimate Comics: X-men and The Ultimates run, but they seemed to rush towards the end because of Cataclysm. Since they seem to make the Ultimate Universe as the well of ideas for the recent movies, Marvel has to make the Ultimate versions (or at least, their costumes) main stream.

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