BEDA 2015: 10 – First Impressions of Daredevil


So Marvel’s first Netflix series has finally arrived. So for today’s BEDA I’m going to say my first impressions of the episodes I can watch today and when I finish the series I’ll do a final thoughts review. As I type this first paragraph I’ve not seen any of it yet but the first episode is in another tab ready to watch. From what I’ve heard most opinions have been positive, lets see if mine will be too.


So I’m up to the credits and I’m already impressed. We’ve already seen our first look at black suit Daredevil and how he fights. Also opening credits, not enough live action shows have these things any more. And what impressive credits they are too, none of that “just the name of the show for five seconds” mess.


One thing that makes me glad they’re doing Daredevil as a series rather than a movie is that we get some attention dedicated to Matt Murdock, Attorney at Law.

Finished episode one. Saying this right now, Marvel are better at being dark than DC.

And now I’ve seen two. I’m going to watch another after I write this but I think this is a good point to start talking about my first impressions. Something this does that I also like about Arrow is it tells the origin story in flashbacks so they can spread it out and show the impact while also jumping right into the present day where the protagonist is already wearing their mask. While I’m not nearly as critical of the 2003 film as most people I do think it and many other pre-MCU Marvel films are guilty of a rushed origin story so that they can have one but not the focus. But I think it’s clear Marvel understand that if an origin story is worth showing it deserves to be a focus or told by the character.

The cast is great. Again not attacking the 2003 film but even though it had a decent cast their performances weren’t memorable. Another benefit of being a show is we’re given time to focus on the supporting cast, even in the MCU we don’t always get a chance to see two non powered friends of the hero have character development scenes together without the hero yet Daredevil has had it in the second episode.

I’ve only got a few more minutes of today left so I’ll wrap up by saying that I’m already loving this show. I’m considering making one entry for BEDA a list of what I consider the best currently airing shows and I’m pretty certain Daredevil will be on that list. This list will take some time to think about though so it won’t be one I post in the last few minutes of the day… like this one. Now to watch another episode.


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