BEDA 2015: 11 – Progress and inspiration of Harry Potter art project

Dumbledore's Army OotP

So yesterday I posted the first group for my new Harry Potter art project (which I call Harry Potter Revisited). I had another Harry Potter art project last year where I drew characters in a timeline that depicted them in each book and the epilogue. I’d finished and posted the trio and I drew the outlines for Luna but before I could finish it I got more interested in drawing Naruto fanart, then I focused on my Amalgam project. By the time I was ready to return to the Harry Potter project I started wanting to revisit the designs of the trio due to some interesting fan headcanons I’d read about and seen fanart for.

So I started again and skipped the timeline theme, its main purpose was helping me get better at depicting the same character but older/younger which is now a big part of my other current project Pokémon 10 Years Later. So now that the designs are online I thought I’d go back and look at the progress I’ve made since the last time I drew each member and share the influences of their designs.

Harry 2014 and 2015

Looking at last year’s OotP Harry I didn’t like the hair I gave him or the angle I added the I must not tell lies wounds. So I fixed both of those things in the new design but kept the general style of his uniform.


The biggest change of course is his scar which was inspired by this picture by burdge. I first saw it as a Tumblr post along with several replies pointing out how much more sense this makes than the usual design for Harry’s scar.

Ron 2014 and 2015

Out of the trio Ron is the one whose design changed the least since last year. I did put him in casual clothes though. There wasn’t really any influence for his new outfit, the jacket is the same one I used for last year’s Deathly Hallows Ron outfit.


I’m sure many of you might have noticed that both Ron drawings have him wearing the headband from Starkid’s Very Potter Musical trilogy.

Hermione 2014 and 2015

Back when I did the timeline project I decided that I’d draw Hermione with shorter hair for one year. It worked in that context but for this project I decided to go with the longer messy hair look we all think of with Hermione and one that was different from what I’d given her for the other years.


As for why Hermione is black now that has a lot to do with the increase in fanartists choosing to depict Hermione this way and this article. This and Harry’s more lightning looking scar were my biggest influences for rebooting the project instead of continuing where I left off. The above artwork comes from Tumblr user Meowrails.

Luna 2014 and 2015

So while I didn’t get around to colouring my timeline for Luna I did draw my Luna design in a Christmas card for my friend Lizzie. The hair I used this time was originally my plan for Deathly Hallows Luna but I decided to use it for Order of the Phoenix Luna instead. When I do draw Deathly Hallows Luna (rebellion Dumbledore’s Army is a group I’m planning to draw) I might use the old OotP hairstyle.


The inspiration for her outfit comes from the character Joyce from webcoming Dumbing of Age. Around the time I was drawing Luna last year David Willis decided to include hoodie dresses as part of her wardrobe and I wanted Luna to wear one. The Deathly Hallows symbol tights are influenced by this design too. As for her eyes they were inspired by the Hyuga from Naruto.

Neville 2005 and 2015

I hadn’t drawn Neville since 2005. Back then my Harry Potter designs were mostly influenced by the movies (and sometimes DeviantART artist laerry). I might reuse Neville’s hair from my old art for his Deathly Hallows design.


The biggest influence for my new Neville design was Durarara character Mikado Ryugamine. When drawing him I was worried the end result would just look like Mikado in a Hogwarts uniform.

Ginny 2006 and 2015

Finally we have Ginny. The last time I drew her was in 2006, it was rushed and intentionally chibi. This was an example of how laerry’s art influence my Harry Potter designs back then since she’s got the exact same hair and shirt as one of her drawings. With her new design I kept the ponytail style and finally gave her freckles.


When drawing her outlines my main influence was Hinata’s casual clothes from The Last. But when I started colouring her I realized I could use a colour scheme that made it look sporty since she becomes a Seeker in OotP. I’ll probably keep Hinata influence for future Ginny designs.


I’m currently working on the next group for this project which will be Hogwarts professors. I’ve already drawn Dumbledore and Snape and should hopefully have them up soon, this will actually be my first time drawing these characters so I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Each group will be set during a specific book, for the professors that book will be Prisoner of Azkaban so it will include Lupin and Hagrid. Maybe I’ll make a similar post about my influences for their designs too.


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