BEDA 2015: 13 – Top 10 Currently Airing Shows


So a lot of people like making top 10 lists of shows from the past, especially the 90s for some reason, but you don’t often see them for shows airing today. Now some might say that’s because shows aren’t how they used to be but in reality there are a lot of great shows that didn’t even make my list. I’ve decided that by currently airing I mean that they have already aired some episodes this year even if they’re on hiatus or have finished their season. So on with the list.




It’s hard to deny the fact that Arrow is the result of making Green Arrow more like Batman, something DC does way too often with negative results. That said Arrow is still a good show despite this and a big part of that is because of the people working on it. It’s even resulted in John Diggle being the newest example of a character created for a TV series being brought into the comics (much like Harley Quinn and X-23) which brings me to the next thing that this show does well, the characters and the actors who play them. This show has a great cast including actors playing minor roles (the Suicide Squad episodes are some of the best thanks to Michael Rowe as Deadshot). The reason it’s so low on the list is as great as it is I do think the current season is its weakest with too much of a Batman influence (the season villain is Ra’s al Ghul).




The thing about Community that I love is considering it’s a live action show it’s not afraid to be silly. It’s probably the most cartoon-like live action show out there. There are several episodes where they change the format such as a stop motion Christmas episode, a puppet musical, a Glee parody, a GI Joe episode, a zombie outbreak, an episode about multiple timelines and of course several episodes about the entire campus turning a paintball game into a serious war that references a different genre of film each time. But it also can be serious when it needs to be and these episodes never feel out of place, it transitions from the silly to serious so flawlessly it’s often the silliest episodes that are the most heartfelt. It’s lower on the list because while the show is still great the cast has been shrinking these last three seasons and the loss of each character results in part of the show’s charm being lost. #sixseasonsandamovie



Game of Thrones

I expect most people knew this would be on the list because of how popular it is. During last year’s BEDA and VEDA I would review individual episodes as it came out. This show has an amazing cast and it’s hard for me to actually pick a favourite character. There isn’t much I can say about this that hasn’t been said better many times by other people.



Adventure Time

So Adventure Time is like a mix of what I like about Community and what I like about Game of Thrones but as a show on Cartoon Network. The mix of silly and serious Community has and the interesting fantasy and lore that makes Game of Thrones so popular.



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I expect a few people knew this was coming too. I figure if you’re not a fan by now you probably aren’t likely to change your mind from hearing my opinion. Weirdly I think fans like me who enjoy the newer seasons and Equestria Girls movies seem to be the minority in the Brony fandom, though this is the most ridiculously divided fandom I’ve ever been in it’s hard to tell what the majority actually is.



Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

This show has barely started and it’s already one of my favourites and Star is now my favourite Disney Princess. This show is hilarious and will be one of my main counter arguments to people who criticize the new Disney shows. I don’t know if it’s going to dive into the lore like most animated shows on this list but I’ll continue to love it either way.




So in my first impressions post I said this might make it into this list. Now I’m nearly finished and it’s in the top 5. It’s that good. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow after I’ve seen the last two episodes for my final thoughts.



The Flash

This is the kind of live action project I’ve wanted from DC for years. A fun adaptation that embraces its comic book roots. The Flash is the best superhero series airing right now. It’s got everything that makes Arrow great with none of its weak points, in fact the only reason I started Arrow was to enjoy the Flash more.



Gravity Falls

An animated show that gives you its lore from the start and makes it one of the main focuses. The first season is really good but it’s in season two where the series really gets impressive to the point that the biggest mysteries of season one have been solved and they open up even more questions that are even more interesting that the ones we’ve solved. Also the character development, Pacifica Northwest for example spends season one as a cliche bully character but as of her newest appearances she’s become a fully fleshed out character with a pretty dark backstory (that bell, seriously).



Steven Universe

If you’re not watching Steven Universe you need to be watching Steven Universe. It’s so good that I actually think explaining why I like it would spoil it for you. Go watch Steven Universe.

Unfortunately this post ran a little late but I wanted to finish the list. I would have posted this much earlier but I had some internet connection problems today (well yesterday now). But a late BEDA post is better than no BEDA post.


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