BEDA 2015: 14 – Final Thoughts on Daredevil


Finished watching Daredevil last night and as promised here are my final thoughts.

When I wrote my first impressions post I was already impressed by the series but as its placement in yesterday’s top 10 implies it got even better the more I watched. So many of the best elements of the show hadn’t even been introduced yet. Wilson Fisk for example doe not come into the picture until his name is finally mentioned, once that happens the show becomes about both Murdock and Fisk in their goal to take each other down.


While references to the wider Marvel universe are brought up the overall story of Daredevil is very stand alone. Like most of Phase 2’s films (except Guardians of the Galaxy for obvious reasons) the main element of the previous films that effects it is the aftermath of the Battle of New York in Avengers but in this case it’s about its effect on the city rather than the characters.


Speaking of the characters they are the biggest strength of this series. I said in my first impressions review how I liked that the show format allowed them to spend time giving the supporting cast time away from the main cast for their own character development. Well that got even better when Karen, Foggy and Ben had their own character arcs that connected each other but took a while before they brought in Matt. And as well as the main conflict with Daredevil and his allies the Kingpin had a story arc of his own involving his personal life. The cast itself did a fantastic job playing these characters, especially Vincent D’Onofrio as Fisk bringing the intimidating side to the character I’ve not seen much of in most Marvel adaptations. There are scenes where Fisk is calm and quiet that are terrifying and that’s because by that point you know what he’s capable of and what he’s likely to do.


At this point I think it would be unfair to compare this show to the 2003 film as the show gave us a lot more time with these characters allowing them grow over time. I am of the opinion the cast did a good job in that film but it was just a product of how Superhero films were at the time. But if you are going to watch any Daredevil adaptation this series is the one to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing AKA Jessica Jones later this year as well as the rest of the Netflix Marvel shows and hope that there will be more to come in the future. So yeah my final thoughts are that I loved it and hope we get a second season after Defenders as well as more appearances from Matt Murdock in the MCU.


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