BEDA 2015: 16 – New Star Wars Trailer Reaction


So I just got home and was going to write another wishlist post this time about MCU villains I’d like to see when I remembered there was a new Star Wars trailer that came out today. So I watched it and here are my first impressions. Short blog because I’ve only got an hour and there isn’t much to say. I mean my main thoughts about the trailer are that there are some nice looking shots throughout it. I especially like the above shot of the Star Destroyer ruins.


I like that we got a better look at the new Storm Troopers and even some new colour schemes for them. I’m curious what is up with these new Storm Troopers and who they actually work for. I know Finn (John Boyega) is seen wearing their armour for a few more shots of this trailer so he might actually be a Storm Trooper rather than someone wearing the armour as a disguise.


We also get another shot of our antagonist. His mask is simple but cool. On the subject of masks I expect to see a few more fan posters based on that shot of Vader’s wrecked helmet.


And ok I’ll address this shot. Man, Chewie has aged well. It’s especially impressive that Chewie looks so young when you consider he was fully grown in Revenge of the Sith when Han Solo would have been a little kid but now as Solo’s hair has gotten grey Chewie’s fur is just as brown as it was when he was young.. Yes Chewie’s lack of aging is the only thing to talk about with this shot.

But yeah a good trailer. Still waiting for a full fledged non teaser trailer to rival that original Phantom Menace trailer (mixed opinions of the end result aside that trailer was awesome) but at least it was better than that boring Batman Vs Superman teaser that came out recently.


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