BEDA 2015: 17 – Thoughts on Rin being in UNS4


So in this newest scan it’s been revealed that Rin is going to be in Storm 4. Considering her importance to Obito’s story this makes sense but it still took me by surprise. Still her addition is a good move and gives me hope for more characters that we haven’t seen fight yet being added.


Judging by the screenshot the Iwagakure ninja are a boss battle so they’re probably not playable (except maybe Taiseki here since he was the leader). Still this does mean we get to play through Kakashi Gaiden in the story mode which I’m looking forward to since despite having the younger Kakashi and Obito they only ever have training battles in past games.


Even though it’s from a later stage in her life I wouldn’t be surprised if Isobu is incorporated into her moveset in some way.


With the inclusion of Rin this makes the flashbacks have a stronger chance of adding the majority of the characters. Characters who weren’t on my wishlist last time that I now want to see include young Guy and his father, I wouldn’t have even considered then before but with Rin’s inclusion Kakashi’s friends as kids popped into my mind.


Anyway back to Rin. While these screenshots don’t show us much about her moveset I’m still looking forward to playing as her. Mostly I want to have her beat the crap out of Obito. Hopefully she won’t be the last unexpected character addition (fingers crossed for Karui and Kurotsuchi)


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