BEDA 2015: 18 – Supervillains I’d like to see in the MCU


With Age of Ultron coming out in a few days Marvel has been on my mind a lot this month. So as today draws to a close I have another wishlist, this time for villains that I think should join the MCU.

detail (8)

The Masters of Evil

So after Thanos what’s next for the Avengers? How about a super villain team up of foes with personal grudges against each Avenger? It’s been confirmed Baron Zemo will be in Civil War so having him survive the film and form his own team seems likely.


Otto Octavius

With Spider-Man set to join the MCU next year in Civil War and with his own solo film the year after that the question of what villains we’ll get comes to mind. While we’ll probably get some kind of appearance from Norman Osborn another villain that past movies have done before I think has staying power is Doc Ock. Great as Spider-Man 2 was I felt that killing off Otto was a bad move, with the MCU I think he should found the Sinister Six like in the comics. And who knows maybe later down the line we could find some way of doing Superior Spider-Man.


The Inventor

Just another way of saying I want Kamala Khan to get her own movie or series. He’s a clone of Thomas Edison with bird DNA who hates being called a bird, that concept alone is reason enough to include him.


The Wrecking Crew

While not the most iconic villains in Marvel they’ve got to be the most frequent opponents for characters to fight. I swear they’ve appeared in more comics I’ve read than any other Marvel villain.



Son of Thanos and one of the main antagonists in the current Black Vortex event. With all the characters with connections to Thanos being introduced I think Thane would be an interesting choice, he could appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and reunite with his sisters.


Peter Quill’s father

We know he won’t be exactly the same as his comic counterpart (probably won’t be called J’son or Mister Knife) but if anything is kept from the comics it should be the fact he’s a villain.


The Leader

The Hulk needs another movie and the villain that was teased back in The Incredible Hulk was the Leader. Yes I know Universal own the Hulk rights but I’m sure Marvel can make a deal with Universal to make another film together.



Because it would be funny.


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