BEDA 2015: 19 – What I know about Secret Wars


I’ve mostly just been reading Marvel stuff lately to learn all I can about Secret Wars. So right now that’s the only topic I can post about. Explaining has never been something I’m good at and I’ve got about an hour to write this (because for some reason I always forget I’m doing BEDA until the end of the day) so don’t expect a very detailed report.


So most people know the original Secret Wars as being where Spider-Man got his black suit. There was an arc of the 90s Spider-Man that was inspired by it too keeping the elements that seem to be sticking around for this new event. A being known as the Beyonder puts together a team of super heroes and a team of super villains and had them fight in a world he created known as Battleworld. This is exactly what will be happening in the new Secret Wars but on a much grander scale. Instead of one Beyonder there’s an entire race of them and instead of heroes from across the Earth it will be heroes from across the Multiverse with two main universe at the center. Earth 616 and the Ultimate Universe.


The next important thing to know about is the Incursions. As the above image suggests it’s when the Earth of two universes appear side by side and the fate of both universes are at risk. This is what is starting to occur in a few comics at the moment between Earth 616 and the Ultimate Universe. A few comic issues have had their most recent issue end with a character looking up in the sky and seeing the other Earth.


It’s important to note that heroes have tried to use the most powerful artifacts of their universe such as the Infinity Gauntlet to prevent Incursions but as they are limited to their own reality they only serve to delay them.

p13_27 copy

There are a few other things but these are the most important details. As for what the Marvel universe will be like after Secret Wars that remains a mystery. We know a few things like two of the teams and that any comic still running will be the same but it’s the history of the universe and the fates of characters who exist in both 616 and the Ultimate Universe that are the real mystery.


For example we know about this team but the big question on my mind is who is Iron Man? Is he 616 Tony Stark, Ultimate Tony Stark, someone who isn’t Tony Stark? This is tricky because Iron Man changes his armour all the time and both 616 Tony and Ultimate Tony have unique armour that doesn’t follow the red and gold colour scheme. Personally I think he’s Ultimate Tony Stark, 616’s Superior Iron Man’s days are numbered and Ultimate Tony has the most in common with the Tony Stark in the movies. Of course if the new universe draws from more that Ultimate and 616’s characters perhaps there might be other candidates for this mysterious new Iron Man. Hopefully the Free Comic Book Day preview helps to make things a little clearer. My personal hope is it’s not any version of Stark and this is a team made up entirely of legacy heroes (except maybe the Vision).


Finally based on this image it looks like Reed Richards will mess something up.


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