BEDA 2015: 21 – General Thoughts Post


So I didn’t post anything yesterday. This is because I had to wake up early that morning, woke up earlier than I needed to (and slept later than I should have the night before) and by the time I got home I was extremely tired. I stayed up for a bit but thought it might be a good idea to have a nap. Next thing I know I’m waking up past something past one in the middle of the night. But while I haven’t successfully blogged every day I’m still going to try and finish BEDA.

There are things I want to voice my stance on but aren’t long enough to be their own blog posts, plus I have just under an hour to write this so no time to think of a longer topic, so here are my thoughts on things that happened today.


First the most recent thing to happen today. I watched the Flash episode All Star Team Up. I’m watching episodes of The Flash as they come out here in the UK because I’m watching them with my dad. I considered making this the topic of today’s BEDA but while I liked it I don’t think I could say that much on it. I liked seeing Ray “The Atom” Palmer interact with the Flash cast, one of the things I like about crossovers is how characters interact. My dad, who doesn’t watch Arrow, thought Ray had a Clark Kent vibe and I had to explain that it’s probably because he remembers Brandon Routh being Clark Kent in Superman Returns.


Next topic: Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel team up! It was hinted that Carol would appear in the first Last Days issue for Ms. Marvel but now not only is there another issue but it’s a full fledged team up. I had this theory Last Days would be about heroes not present for the Battle World section of Secret Wars but since Carol has been seen in several big Secret Wars artworks that’s seeming less likely. This might also be the first sign of a Last Days tie in lasting more than one issue, at least that I’ve seen anyway.


Another new episode I watched recently. It’s funny, My Little Pony might be the only show where having a “just a dream” episode is a good thing since it means we get an appearance from Luna (best princess).


While I’ve not been following most of the “who is the new Thor?” debates based on the newest issue I think it’s safe to assume it’s Roz Solomon. In fact after that issue she’s pretty much the only candidate left so if she’s a red herring I will not see the reveal coming (which is supposedly in the next issue). From what I’ve read since then it looks like a lot of people figured it was her sooner but since I’d not read any of her earlier appearances I was unable to guess it was her until the most recent issues.


Star continues to be the best Disney Princess. When the next Disney Infinity game (the Star Wars one) gets announced I hope she’s playable, I want to Narwall Blast a bunch of Storm Troopers. In fact maybe Disney Infinity can be the topic of my next post, because despite overdoing them a little I enjoy writing wishlists.


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