BEDA 2015: 22 – Disney Infinity 3.0 Wishlist


So yesterday I said I’d probably make a wishlist post about Disney Infinity 3.0 today and so here it is. I suppose I could have talked about how Iceman is gay now but I don’t think that I’m as invested in All New X-Men as I’d need to be to say much on it (I do like that the actor who played him in the films congratulated him on coming out). So back to Infinity since making yesterday’s post I went back to some sites centered around Disney Infinity and it seems the above image might be a leak of some of the characters in the game. This doesn’t mean these are all the Disney Originals in the game but it will mean I’ll include less of them on this wishlist. So I’ll sort the list into three sections starting with…

Star Wars


Darth Vader

With Star Wars as the most likely theme they need to include the option to play as the most iconic character in the franchise. Plus there’s a chance they could get James Earl Jones to reprise the role considering his cameo in Star Wars Rebels (and if not Blame Society’s Matt Sloan would still do a decent job). While he’s a certain pick I heard that the reason the villains were in 2.0 was because Brian Micheal Bendis requested them.


Force Awakens characters

So Force Awakens still won’t be out by the time 3.0 is expected but since playsets tell their own story they could still fit them into the game. We especially need the option to play as the new trio. I’m expecting the old trio enough that I don’t think they even need including on this list but this trio I think are worth requesting.



Like I said Luke, Han and Leia are guaranteed slots but there is a chance Chewie might just be an NPC. But we don’t want that, while I’m fine with the droids just being quest giving NPCs I need to play as a wookie.


The Rebels

Rather than a prequels toybox I think that the setting of Star Wars Rebels would allow more fun scenarios to take place.



Captain Marvel

Now on to the Marvel heroes. Carol already appeared as an NPC and team up disc in 2.0 so they already have a design and model to use for her. Plus Yondu is playable, an NPC and a team up disc so these things shouldn’t keep her from appearing (especially since 2.0 playsets probably won’t be playable anyway). Plus now that we know she’ll be getting her own movie she’s bound to join this game at some point.


Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Age of Ultron officially comes out tomorrow (already got my ticket) and has been one of the most hyped movies of the year. So naturally I expect the two newest Avengers to join the game with their movie designs. Speaking of Age of Ultron…



We haven’t gotten any toybox only villains yet and with the hype surrounding Ultron maybe he’ll be the first.


Ms. Marvel

Kamala needs to be in all Marvel games and games featuring Marvel characters from now on.

Disney Originals



Now the Disney Originals. I said yesterday that I want to see Star in 3.0 so of course she’s on the list. Even if she’s not in the game her wand needs to be so that we can Narwhal Blast a bunch of Storm Troopers.

Mabel Grunkle Stan and Dipper

The Pines family

Last time I did a Disney Infinity wishlist I had Dipper and Mabel. Since then I noticed a tweet from Alex Hirsch saying he’d want them and Stan in Disney Infinity.



I’m surprised he wasn’t in the game already to be honest.


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