BEDA 2015: 24 – Naruto Gaiden first impression


The Naruto spin-off mini series manga has started. The first chapter came out recently and mostly follows Sarada (or Salad as some translations call her). This is a smart move since Boruto is getting his own movie later this year and while I think Sasuke hogged way too much attention in the main manga his life after chapter 699 is a bit of a mystery.


Something that didn’t surprise me at all is that Sasuke never being around to be a father is canon. Of course it’s been confirmed he’ll be Boruto and Sarada’s teacher when they graduate so it looks like he’ll be forced to spend some time with his daughter.


Sarada’s identity crisis and concerns about her father certainly feel like Kishimoto’s reaction to fans who complained about the ending. This panel in particular where it looks like she’s going to wonder if Karin is in fact her mother reminds me of the times a bunch of SasuKarin fans argued that because they both wear glasses clearly she was Sarada’s mother and made petty edits of Sakura to look like Karin (Naruto’s shipping fandom is crazy). While this is an obvious red herring it hopefully means we’ll be getting a conclusion of what actually happened to Taka after the war. I personally liked how Naruto ended but admit that there are certain plots that Kishimoto skipped over concerning Taka and Orochimaru.


Also we now know what Kakashi looks like under the mask. So assuming the next chapter follows Sasuke and explains what he and Taka are up to these days that only leaves two questions: who is the mother of Lee’s kid and what is the kid’s name?

But anyway I liked this chapter. I hope this mini series isn’t entirely about the Uchiha family but I’m glad it’s starting off with them considering the fact there were so many unanswered questions but there are other characters who deserve attention. I want a chapter about Himawari.


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