BEDA 2015: 25 – The Clown Prince of Crime


So this image was posted online last night and has been the topic of many a debate online today. Personally I like the design. Obviously it’s not the full costume because they want to show off the tattoos but so far it looks pretty decent.


And looking at this leaked photo it looks like we’re getting the white suit from Dark Knight Returns.


This makes a lot of sense. TDKR is the biggest influence for Dawn of Justice with Ben Affleck’s Batsuits being exact replicas of the ones from the comic and animated movie. People have pointed out other influences such as Batman R.I.P. (shirtless with similar hair and figure) and All Star Batman & Robin (had a dragon tattooed on his back) so this Joker looks like he’ll be something of an amalgamation of Jokers.


So yeah I think that overall this is a decent Joker design. I like that he doesn’t have a drawn on smile (though there is another possible leaked photo that might suggest he might with the full suit on), Joker looks better when his smile is 100% his own and can disappear when things don’t go his way. And it’s way better than the awful design used in The Dark Knight. Plus if people think this design is over the top I should remind you that not that long ago in the comics Joker cut off his face and wore it as a mask.


Yeah… Remember that?


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