BEDA 2015: 28 – Another Multiple Topic Post


So there are a few things worth talking about but not worth a full post about on their own so I’m going to put them all in one post again.


Like last week I just got finished watching the newest episode of The Flash (UK release). It was nice seeing a couple of guest characters from the Arrow cast and fortunately I didn’t need to explain too much about them to my dad. And of course there was the shapeshifter antagonist, nice bit of trolling on the developer’s part to show footage of said shapeshifter in “later this season” trailers so people could start speculating about why a character would act a certain way only to find out it wasn’t actually them.


No more paid mods. Steam refunded anyone who bought a paid mod and took them down and admitted their mistake. I applaud them for that. So far I think only one paid mod author has actually reuploaded their mod for free, I’m wondering what will happen to the rest. It would be a shame to loose them since there were some pretty cool looking mods on the paid mod starter pack, they just weren’t worth paying money for when I’ve got much better mods on that game for free.


New MLP episode was nice. We finally got a Rainbow Dash solo song and it was really cool, which of course it was going to since her voice actress Ashleigh Ball is the lead singer of a band so hearing her sing more that a couple of verses is a treat. If you haven’t heard any of her work with Hey Ocean you should check them out.


Gengar is in Pokkén. Great pic, I also like how it looks in the art style. I might make a Pokkén wishlist as one of my last two BEDA entries.


And of course there’s the big news that we’re getting a new Dragon Ball series. We don’t know much about it yet except that it takes place after the Buu arc. It’ll probably be in the same point in time as the last three new Dragon Ball stories (Son Goku And His Friend Return, Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’) with Goku using his new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form (seriously that’s what it’s called) to fight godlike foes. What I’d like is for them to jump forwards to after the end of the manga with Goku training Uub. Uub is meant to be Goku’s successor yet he got shafted in GT and the Toriyama written stories since the manga ended (except Neko Majin Z) have been set before Uub is introduced. This pre-Uub era is fine for movies and shorts but if Dragon Ball is going to move forwards it has to be from where the manga left off.


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