BEDA 2015: 30 – It’s Over!


Well BEDA has come to a close. It’s been fun but I’ll be glad when tomorrow comes to an end and I’m not struggling on ideas for a topic and settling on a wishlist I came up with on the spot.


So what’s next for me? Well Free Comic Book Day is this weekend, I’m looking forward to All New All Different Avengers and the beginning of Secret Wars. Probably won’t blog about them but I’ll be sure to post my FCBD collection on Facebook when I get home. I’m also going to get back to my artwork, I’ve started colouring the Hogwarts professors and when I’ve finished them I’ll draw the Death Eaters and either jump back to Pokémon 10 Years Later or draw a couple of Marvel/DC Amalgam Revisited combinations first (I might see if I can get all the movie Avengers in there).

Dumbledore PoA

And so I wrap up BEDA with this preview for my next Harry Potter group pic. I’m sure I’ll make another blog post soon enough. There’s bound to be something I’ll want to blog about before my Top 10 Movies of 2015 list. So I’ll see you then.


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