Batman: Bad Blood – Review

First 2016 film I’ve seen so far and the start of my new project of reviewing every film I see for the first time this year. This is the third film in DC’s Son of Batman series.

While I did enjoy Son of Batman and last year’s Batman Vs Robin they weren’t as good as DC’s older animated films such as Under the Red Hood or Crisis on Two Earths. This film on the other hand is honestly one of the better Batman movies I’ve seen.


Influenced by the aftermath of Final Crisis Dick Grayson has become the new Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence and Damian Wayne has returned to being Robin. We also see the introduction of Batwoman (Kate Kane) and Batwing (Luke Fox) into the Bat Family. And this sets up the main thing I like about this movie, it’s a Batman movie with barely any Bruce Wayne in it. It’s the Batman movie I’ve always wanted.


I’ve always found Bruce Wayne to be the least interesting character in the Batman series. With so many adaptations focusing on loner Batman brooding about his parents it’s nice to have a film that pushes him aside to focus on the people he’s inspired. Dick reluctantly wearing the cowl despite his attempts to distance himself from Batman, Damian taking his father’s teachings from the last two films to heart and the origin stories for Kate and Luke.


Honestly my only real issue is the characters that get left out such as Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown. But as much as I’d like to see Steph and Tim I understand wanting to keep things simple and we’ve got a pretty decently sized team that I really hope sticks around for more movies. Batwing in particular is just getting started.


This was a great film to start the year with. It also has made me think since I plan on ticking more films off my To-Watch list this year I should make an effort to see all the Batman movies I’ve missed and then put together a list of all of them from worst to best. As such I won’t say where I’d place this next to the other films only that it’ll be high up on the list but not the best.


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