Lazer Team – Review

So this year I decided I’m going to go to the cinema at least once each month. After I’d made this choice I realized a big problem with this plan: nothing comes out in January. Every film currently showing here in the UK is a 2015 film (including this one according to IMDB). I did go and see The Force Awakens a second time and was going to consider that a loophole until I found out my local Vue was doing a screening of RoosterTeeth’s new film.

Now I’m new to RoosterTeeth. I’ve known about them for a while and have friends who are fans but I didn’t really start watching them until October when I saw the merch table they had and thought that the series RWBY might be worth checking out. I then proceeded to watch the entire first series while I was there. I’ve yet to check out their other shows like Red Vs Blue and X-Ray & Vav but plan to do so soon (I’ve just got a lot of other shows I need to watch first such as Miraculous Ladybug and One Punch Man). So coming to this review the only stuff I’ve already seen from them are RWBY and The Know.


I came out of this movie with mixed opinions. I enjoyed it but still had my fair share of problems too. There were several jokes that felt cliche and just weren’t funny but there were plenty of jokes that did work too and even the bad jokes were at least delivered well. The main characters are all overused tropes but the actors performances prevented them from being annoying. The relationship between Hagan (Bernie Burns) and Zach (Michael Jones) for example is the typical disapproving dad and daughter’s jock boyfriend dynamic but their interactions were still amusing because of the actors performances.


I think the film’s biggest flaw is it’s attempt to appeal to a general audience. The worst jokes are the kind of thing you’d expect from a mainstream comedy, though that said most of this was in the first half of the movie before the Lazer Team actually forms and during the training. Once we get into the second half the comedy gets smarter with only the occasional sex joke from Zach getting on my nerves.


Comparing it to other big budget movies from online creators I’ve seen I’d say this is one of the better ones. The story in particular is a fun one that has a solid structure which films like Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie and Smosh: The Movie were both lacking in. But it’s not quite up to the same level as Camp Takota which almost made my 2014 top 10 list. Overall it falls somewhere in the middle.


I feel bad being as critical of this as I have been because I did like this movie. I guess I just wish I could have liked it as much as some of my friends who also saw it (two of which were at the same screening as me). One last note I should make is there’s a really good song at the start of the credits from The Barenaked Ladies but it seems the movie’s soundtrack isn’t online yet in any form so I’m going to have to wait before I can listen to it again.


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