Tomorrowland – Review

So last night my dad told me he’d recorded Tomorrowland and asked if I wanted to watch it with him. So I sat down to watch one of the films from last year that I didn’t feel the need to see before making my top 10 list. And yeah this really wouldn’t have effected the list in the slightest. But anyway here’s the trailer.

So first off I want to talk about an annoying bit of confusion that happened when we started the movie. I remember when this was still showing in cinemas there was a Tomorrowland DVD being sold that had an extended title. So when the film started with the title Tomorrowland: A World Beyond I did worry dad had recorded the wrong film. But as it turns out that’s just the title of the film for the UK release. I’m really getting sick of films changing their name between the US and UK despite being the exact same movie. The worst example of this was the fact The Peanuts Movie has the mouthful title of Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie like we somehow needed clarifying who a movie based on Peanuts was going to be about.


You’ll notice I haven’t actually been talking about the movie itself yet, that’s because there really isn’t much to say about it. The film spends most of the time building up to Tomorrowland itself that when they finally get there the movie is almost over. There was also an odd narrative choice at the start when George Clooney’s character starts telling the story but getting interrupted. Halfway through the movie I realized this was probably done because by this point people would probably have been asking “where’s George Clooney?”


So when they finally get to Tomorrowland is it worth all the build up? Not really. The design is pretty neat but gets boring quickly. There’s nothing much to the place and that’s actually intentional, but when you spend the entire movie building up to this place and the state it’s in being kind of empty is pretty anti-climactic.


It’s got a talented cast but their skills are wasted (especially Hugh Laurie). Overall the film is just mediocre. The best thing to come out of it was this weapon for Disney Infinity.


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