What We Do in the Shadows – Review

I had this film on my list on Netflix after hearing about it on the podcast The Morning Stream, then when I was at AniMangaPOP it came up in a conversation and I was told I’d like it. So I tried watching it last night but Netflix decided it didn’t want to work. Fortunately it was working better today so we have this review.

The trouble with reviewing a comedy is it’s hard to talk about the film without just saying “it was/wasn’t funny” or quoting the movie. Fortunately as a vampire movie I can compare it to other vampire movies I’ve seen recently… which is just the Hotel Transylvania films since people don’t really make that many vampire movies after Twilight put people off them. But yes while I did enjoy the Hotel Transylvania films and see them as an example of Adam Sandler proving he can actually act when he works outside of Happy Madison they’re ok at best. What We Do in the Shadows on the other hand is hilarious.


The effects have the right balance of impressive and cheesy making the vampires really feel like they belong in an old vampire film. Likewise the documentary format feels natural being a combination of a modern following people around documentary and a historical documentary, which is exactly how it should be.


Looking back at my 2014 top 10 list this film would have been on there had I seen it back then. I might post an updated version of the list some time as Tamako Love Story which I saw last year also deserves a place on the list. In the case of both films I simply hadn’t heard of them at the time I made the list.


So yes I’m glad I saw this and if my friend who recommended this is reading thank you for the recommendation. I’m going to try picking up the pace with the amount of films I see soon and yes I do plan on seeing Deadpool later this month.


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