To Kill A Mockingbird – Review

It’s been almost a week since I watched this and I keep forgetting to start writing this review. So on Mother’s Day my brother suggested mum should pick a movie for us to watch on Netflix, this was the movie she chose.

So not only was this my first time seeing this movie I’d also never read the book, this means as well as having no book bias I was seeing this famous story for the first time. All I knew about it ahead of time was it wasn’t actually about killing birds and that part of the story is about racism.


It’s been a while since I last watched a film in black & white. At first it’s distracting but once I got invested in the story that stopped being an issue. The story was interesting but hard to follow at times, though I imagine part of that was the intention with it being from the perspective of the child characters.


Most of the movie does tend to follow the kids having free roam of their neighborhood while the serious topics of racism and mental disability are mostly kept in the background until the third act because that’s when the main characters are there to witness it for themselves.


Overall it was an interesting film. It’s not filled with famous quotes I’d heard before in other media like other black & white films I’ve seen but it is an iconic story both in book and film form that I’m glad I watched. Surprisingly this wasn’t on my to watch list but it probably would have been if someone had asked if I’d seen it before.

On that note I’m aiming to actually focus on my to watch list soon. I’m considering doing BEDA again this year but with every post being a review (meaning I’d be watching a movie every day in April). In order to do that though I’d need to actually plan out what I’m watching. But hopefully I’ll have a few more reviews up before then.


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