Alien – Review

This movie has been on my To Watch list since I first wrote it down. It’s been the example film I’d use when talking about people’s reactions to me not seeing a famous film. So with my plan to finally tick a few films off the list this year it seemed like the right place to start. I’m also going to be watching the sequels over the next few days (I’m going to watch Aliens right after I finish writing this review).

So now that I’ve seen it what do I think? I liked it. I wouldn’t consider it one of my favourite sci-fi movies but I do consider it to be a good movie. I’ve always been a fan of the Xenomorph’s design (I even own a Pop! figure of it) and was glad that despite being a horror/thriller we got a good look at it whenever it was on screen, I’ve really gotten sick of movies trying to hide their monster for most of the movie for “suspense”.


Speaking of designs the visuals were one of my favourite things in the film. The ship has that classic look most ships in sci-fi movies made at the time had (especially with the old computers) and the alien ship they find the Xenomorph has a neat temple look to it. I can see where a lot of other films and shows have drawn inspiration from this film outside of the obvious things like Freeza’s third form.


Next I should probably talk about the human characters. The only one with any common sense is Ripley and I have a feeling this is going to be a theme in these movies. Though even Ripley makes some poor choices like the risks she took to save the cat (on that note why was there a cat on the ship in the first place?) one of which resulted in one of the first deaths in the film. The moment I saw that cat I knew it was either going to be the first victim or survive the entire movie. The only other character of note would be Ash who was actually more intimidating than the alien. The rest of the human cast were just ticking time bombs so no opinions were formed.


So I’m glad to have finally seen this. Now from what I’ve heard the majority of people tend to like the next film the most and the source of many of the iconic scenes. Time to see if it lives up to the hype. I’ll end this review with some words of wisdom from Javik.



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