Aliens – Review

While the first film is considered iconic this is the film that has had the biggest impact on pop culture. It’s the one with all the famous quotes and commonly considered the best of the series. So now that I’ve finally seen it will I share this perspective?

Right now I only have the first movie to compare it to but I can say while I found the first movie to be good this one is great. A big part of what makes this a better film is that the rest of the cast are smarter than the first film. I went into the movie expecting Ripley to continue to be the only character with common sense but once the aliens start attacking the marines actually understand the situation and react appropriately.

Aliens Cast

The cast actually feel like a group of characters this time instead of just victims to be. This also helps make Ripley a better character as she’s no longer just the smart one. She grows as a character which is something that doesn’t happen enough in sequels.


Of course I should talk about the aliens themselves too. Their role may be different and that characters can actually kill them but the movie makes it clear that they’re just as dangerous as the first film. They’re also smart which is something out of context clips don’t show. A single Xenomorph knew it needed to stowaway on an escape shuttle in the first film and in this one they’re using strategy and the queen can operate a lift.


So after this movie opinions tend to be a bit more mixed and many people even suggest I don’t watch them. I’ve also ordered the Predator and Alien Vs Predator movies on DVD so this marathon is going to continue for the rest of the week. Will I continue agreeing with the popular opinions or are these reviews going to start getting controversial? Lets see.


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