Alien 3 – Review

After seeing this movie I’ve noticed it’s the one people tend to disagree on the most. Some hate it and others consider it underrated. So rather than the question of if I agree with the popular opinion or have a controversial one it’s more what side of the debate am I on?

It’s boring. I can look past things like killing the majority of the survivors of the previous film before this film even starts and some of the plot holes but that doesn’t make it any less boring. The first two films have neat set piece designs while this one just has bland hallways. Then there’s the characters, after a film where each character had a unique personality and for the most part had common sense (and the one character who didn’t was the human villain) I don’t see why I should care for generic prisoners who the film spares no time telling me include a bunch of murderers and rapists.


The alien itself is alright. I understand why it’s not as smart as the others but that doesn’t change the fact that being smart was part of what I liked about the Xenomorphs in the other movies so loosing that is still a downgrade. Ripley also isn’t as well written as the last two movies. Sigourney Weaver still does a great job playing her and I do like her design but like the alien she’s not as smart as she was in the last two films. I don’t get all the secrecy at the start of the movie, especially since no one believes her when she finally tells the truth anyway. I’m sure it has something to do with not letting the company know about it but it still seemed odd. Also the romance subplot with Tywin Lannister came out of nowhere and went nowhere.

alien3 prisoners

While I didn’t like this movie I’m still glad I watched it and was able to form my own opinion. Now the next film is going to be interesting, it’s the one that most people seem to hate but it’s also written by Joss Whedon whose work is usually pretty good. After that assuming my DVDs have arrived (they’re still not here as I type this) I’ll watch the first two Predator films and the Alien Vs Predator films. I do plan on watching Predators and Prometheus but not as part of this marathon week.


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