Predator – Review

I’d seen the end of this once but this was my first time watching the whole movie. Much like with the Alien movies actually watching this shows a side to the titular creature that isn’t commonly referenced (in this case the fact it quotes people).

Of course as well as being the introduction of the Predator it’s also an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie which means it’s got a few famous quotes in it including one of my favourites “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” (twice). I haven’t even got to the crossover movies yet and this movie is already like one since this is the typical Schwarzenegger role.


Much like the Xenomorph I’ve always liked the Predator’s design. It takes a little longer before we get a good look at it but considering invisibility is one of its skills I’m fine with it, plus in the last part of the movie it more than makes up for its earlier lack of screen time.


It’s a good movie but it’s hard to find things to talk about outside of Arnold’s one liners and the Predator itself so this review is pretty short compared to the Alien reviews.


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