Predator 2 – Review

Unlike the Alien films I don’t really hear much about the way people feel about the Predator sequels. Probably because there’s less of them and one only came out a few years ago but this meant when I started this movie I didn’t know how it’s usually ranked compared to the original.

This is a better movie than the first one. In my review of the first film I had trouble finding things to talk about but here there’s a lot more to the movie. It spends a lot of time expanding on the Predator lore. It answered questions about the Predator’s rules concerning armed opponents I didn’t even know I had like the fact it can tell the difference between a toy gun and a real one and won’t kill a pregnant woman even if she’s armed. I guess the only question is if the HISHE method would have worked.


Also as far as I’m aware this film contained the first hint that the Alien and Predator films share the same universe (if there was an earlier one in the Alien films I missed it). I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Paxton’s character in this is the great great great great grandfather of his character in Aliens. These things are really helping to make me more excited about watching Alien Vs Predator tonight.


It may not have Arnold Schwarzenegger one liners (though there were a few one liners from the Predator thank to its fondness for quoting people) but I think the world building and more scenes of the Predator itself more than made up for their absence. Now to see what these two franchises are like when combined.


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