Alien vs. Predator – Review

So as many of you reading this might know I really like crossovers so once I started watching this marathon this film was inevitable (in fact originally it was just going to be the Alien movies). From what I’m aware this movie isn’t that popular, some people tend to at least like it over the second one but I’ve heard a lot of criticism of this movie.

Personally I think it’s one of the best films in both franchises. The formulas of the two series mix together really well. It also shows that in a one on one fight between the two creatures it really could go either way but because of the pride of the Predators they just had to give the Aliens the advantage and it naturally backfires on them.


Of course what would either of these film series be without a group of expendable humans to kill and one human character who actually matters. In this case the latter role goes to honorary Predator Lex who actually gets to team up with the main Predator. Once the film gets to the team up segment that’s when it became great for me, it’s neat seeing the Predator as a protagonist for once. It’s just a shame it never quoted anyone this time.


I went into this expected it to be decent at best and ended up seeing the second best film in the shared franchise. Tonight I’ll be wrapping up this marathon with the second AvP film.


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