Justice League vs. Teen Titans – Review

I’ve been enjoying the Damian Wayne movies DC have been making so far but have found their Justice League films to be underwhelming. This movie combines the two.

Fortunately despite getting top billing the Justice League are are either sidelined or possessed for most of the movie with the focus being on the Titans. Still like with Throne of Atlantis it would have been better if they left the Justice League out of the movie.


The Titans line up is a nice choice. It’s great seeing Blue Beetle on the team along with the classic line up from older comics and the TV shows (even Cyborg by the end of the movie). The only character disappointingly absent is Nightwing, despite being on several promo images he’s barely in the movie. He drops Damian off at Titan Tower and has a Skype chat with Starfire, that’s all his scenes in the movie.


While this does continue Damian’s story from the Son of Batman series the real star of this movie is Raven since the main antagonist is her father. This of course means we get scenes of the two least social Titans together with a few hints at a potential romance they could build on in future movies. I’d much rather see more from these two than the blandness that is the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship (which of course they had to force into this movie too). Damian and Raven as a couple actually makes sense.


Mostly this movie makes me miss things. Seeing Beast Boy and Blue Beetle in this art style again really makes me miss Young Justice, seeing a variation on the old Teen Titans line up makes me miss the old Teen Titans cartoon and seeing the Justice League makes me miss when the animated Justice League weren’t bland. It’s a decent movie but not as good as Batman: Bad Blood turned out to be. I am looking forward to The Killing Joke though.


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