Digimon Adventure tri. 2: Ketsui – Review

So last month the second installment in the Digimon tri series came out. This series has been releasing four episodes at a time as movies. This schedule does make it hard to follow (hence why I didn’t get around to seeing it until now). And since they do count as movies here’s my review. Also I’ll use English names since most people will know them.

Personally I think they work better as episodes than as movies. The story isn’t finished yet and while it did wrap up Joe and Mimi’s story arcs the fact I have to wait until September to see more of the main story is disappointing. It’s a good series but it’s not the best schedule because of the choice to release them as movies.


As episodes they were good ones. Gomamon finally evolves again and he and Palmon reach their mega stages for the first time while Meiko gets to know the rest of the group a bit better. There’s also a new development in the disappearance of the 02 cast that hasn’t really been acknowledged by the cast yet but with Ken walking around in his Digimon Emperor outfit again they’re bound to talk about it in the next episodes… in September.


Watching this after Koji Wada’s death earlier this month meant that it was a bit sad whenever the opening and ending themes played. It was great that he and Ayumi Miyazaki came back to record new versions of their songs from the original series for these movies. If you’ve not watched Digimon in Japanese before I suggest at least checking out the soundtrack. In fact here’s one of Koji Wada’s songs from the new series;

If you’re a Digimon fan you’ll enjoy this series. The next movie looks like it’ll center around Izzy and TK based on the poster. And you’ve got until September to catch up on the eight episodes/two movies we have so far. Maybe I’ll try and finish Tamers before then…


Also Leomon is in this movie. I’m sure most of you know what that means.


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