RWBY Volume 1 (movie cut) – Review

So unlike most of my reviews this is something I’ve already seen but when I found out one of the screenings for the first volume of RWBY was at my local Odeon I decided to go. The individual episodes were played back to back like a movie (with the opening and ending only playing once) so while I’ve seen it as episodes this was technically my first time seeing it as a movies so… review.

Watching after seeing volume 3 did make me think about how much the animation, background characters and lighting. However it also made me take note of the visuals that were already pretty good from the start. The CG models already looked great and any scenes where they didn’t look their best was more of an issue with the lighting.


So watching it presented as a movie was pretty neat. We had some trailers for other RoosterTeeth shows (as well as some movie trailers before that). There are as expected some scene transitions that just don’t work in a movie that make more sense in a TV show but there aren’t that many of them and for the most parts the episodes transition into each other. Seeing it on a big screen is pretty neat too.


The first time I watched volume 1 there were elements I was unsure of that I grew to like over time. Going into this rewatch I remember not really caring for the episodes about Jaune and the bullies but having become a fan of him as a character it did mark an important part of his character development. Plus said episodes have scenes centered around a particular pairing I like so that’s a bonus.


Overall I like this volume more rewatching it than when I first saw it. If you’ve never seen RWBY I do recommend it. Volume 1 does take a bit of getting used to but the action scenes, character designs and music are elements I thought were really good from the start. Also there’s several really funny jokes too. I do plan on rewatching volumes 2 and 3 when they have their screenings too. But until then I have a certain Marvel movie I need to watch…


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