Electra Woman and Dyna Girl – Review

I really liked Camp Takota and was looking forward to seeing the cast do another movie together so this film did catch my attention, the fact it’s also a superhero film is a bonus.

So I’ve never seen the original 70s series this is based on but from what I’ve read it was something of a parody of the Batman & Robin series. This film rather than model itself after current superhero films or shows is more of a story about selling out as the film is more of a parody of celebrity culture. It’s a good approach in my opinion.


The film itself is decent but nothing special. The best thing about it is the lead actresses themselves who are having a lot of fun being superheroes. There’s some good jokes too though there was also a couple of scenes that were weirdly brutal that didn’t seem to fit with the tone of the rest of the film. There’s a scene early in the film where Dyna Girl accidentally pulls a criminal’s arm off because her gadget didn’t work properly.


I really like the costumes. They’re well designed and wouldn’t look out of place in a Marvel film or DC TV show. If you’re a fan of Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart you’ll probably like this but for anyone else it’ll probably just be ok and would be better off watching Camp Takota. I’m looking forward to their next film with Mamrie Hart, Dirty 30, which will be coming out later this year. Expect to see a review from me when it comes out.


The Angry Birds Movie – Review

So I was originally planning on seeing Finding Dory for my monthly cinema trip but then I found out it doesn’t come out here until the end of July. I would have gone to a RWBY Volume 2 screening but the UK screenings are too far to be worth the trip. So I looked over the films currently showing near me and the one I figured I’d enjoy the most was this one.

So I have played a bit of Angry Birds before. While I lack a tablet or smart phone my dad has the game on his iPad and I’ve played it a few times on there. It’s a fun game, not great but it doesn’t need to be. Sometimes being a good game is enough and that’s pretty much my opinion on the movie. It’s a good movie and that’s all it really needs to be.

1271033 - THE WALK

I really like the way the film took the character designs from the game and designed full bodies for them. The personalities fit too, I don’t know if these are transferred from other elements of Angry Birds media or if they were invented for this movie but I liked them. I’d say Chuck was my favourite character and the source of some of the funniest scenes.


So a topic that I’ve seen return recently is concerning the quality of video game movies and their infamy for being bad wondering if the recent increase in the might change that. But to be honest I don’t think all video game movies are bad, in fact we’ve had plenty of good ones. We get a new Pokémon movie every year and so far I’ve liked all of them, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children was pretty well received and I think the animated Street Fighter movies are pretty decent. It seems to me that video game movies don’t have a problem, live action video game movies do. Angry Birds is simply the newest example of how animation is the best format for video game movies.


It’s a fun movie that took a simple concept and ran with it. If you like the games you’ll probably enjoy this. This film brings the total number of 2016 films I’ve seen up to 10 and now we’re halfway through the year I need to start picking up the pace to avoid my top 10 being most/half of the movies I saw.

The Goonies – Review

This Father’s Day I got my dad two DVDs of films I recall hearing he liked that I hadn’t seen. One of them was Blue’s Brothers (which I’m sure we’ll watch soon) and the one dad chose for us to watch at the end of the day was the Goonies.

This is one of those films where details of the film have been part of pop culture for a while. I’ve seen gifs of the Truffle Shuffle all over the internet (usually the version where Chunk is deflecting bullets from Captain Picard) as well as general references to and art of Sloth (including being an upcoming character in LEGO Dimensions). It’s also often listed alongside classic 80s films so it was good to finally check this one off my To Watch list, especially since it’s a good film.


It’s interesting seeing where I know most of the Goonies themselves from. The only one I noticed during the film was Jonathan Ke Quan since this was only a year after he played Short Round but the others I had to check Wikipedia since I know most of them through newer roles, mostly voice work. The most notable role I know Sean Austin from is Sam in LotR but amusingly he and Corey Feldman are both in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon (as Raphael and Slash). The biggest surprise was that Josh Brolin was in this who I know as Thanos and the younger Agent K.


Overall this is a fun movie. The characters are likable and unique. If like me you haven’t gotten around to seeing this film yet I do recommend it. Plus it was a nice film to watch with my family on Father’s Day. I’m going to try and watch a couple more movies this week since I’ve been slacking on my film watching again, of course I’ve also got a new season of Orange is the New Black to watch and some Game of Thrones to catch up on so that might be tricky.


Top 10 E3 2016 Trailers

So after watching a few of this year’s E3 trailers (some of which I got to see live on Twitch) I decided I wanted to put together a top 10 list. I’ll admit most of the trailers in this list are for games I’m already looking forward to but I did watch a lot of trailers before making this list, these games just had a bit of an advantage.


Skyrim Special Edition

Kicking off this list we have a trailer for a game I already own, only now the visuals look even better. Plus since I own all the DLC I’ll be getting the upgrade for free.


Final Fantasy XV

A big part of why this made the list is because of that Chocobo scene. The game does look very visually stunning with great monster and set designs. The things that keep it this low though are the mediocre main character designs and the VR segment at the end. VR just doesn’t interest me.


Skylanders Imaginators (Crash Bandicoot reveal)

I’ve often said that in order to make me consider getting a Skylanders game when games like Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions exist it’s going to need more characters I’m already familiar with. Now they’ve got Bowser, Donkey Kong and will be adding Crash Bandicoot to the next game and have even got some decent designs for their new characters. I recently picked up the newest game Superchargers for the reduced price of £15 and the gameplay is a lot of fun. I’ve just got my fingers crossed that when Spyro has his 20th anniversary in 2019 they’d add a classic Spyro figure because I’m still not a fan of his Skylanders design.



I’ll admit I wasn’t as on board the hype train for this game as most people have been. I thought it looked neat but not really worth getting excited about compared to other crowd funded games like Indivisible and another game on this list. But this trailer looks like so much fun. It’s not just the title characters’ similarities to Banjo-Kazooie that makes this feel like a modern N64 game,the overall look of the world and a lot of the creatures look just like an old N64 or PS1 game but with smoother graphics.


Tekken 7

It doesn’t really show us any new information but that fight between Akuma and Heihachi was so cool it had to make the list. Still waiting for Namco to reveal some information on Tekken X Street Fighter though.


Pokémon Sun and Moon

Of course Pokémon was going to be on this list. I love the new early route Pokémon and having them be revealed through random encounters was a nice touch, then we got a bonus reveal when this trailer was posted. I’m also glad to see that we’re getting full character customization again, we just need to see some new alternate hairstyles now.


Horizon Zero Dawn

I really like the amalgamation of genres this game has going for it. I’ll admit it didn’t stand out to me back when it was first revealed but this trailer shows more of the world and story. Out of the PS4 exclusives this is the one I’m most excited for.


We Happy Few

This is the other crowd funded game I was talking about. This game is pretty unique considering not only is it a game I backed the Kickstarter for but it also has one of my friends as part of the voice cast. The trailer does a great job introducing the game’s world to newcomers as well as the effects of being on and off your Joy. It’s great seeing this game included as part of a big conference and seeing people getting excited about it having seen it for the first time via this trailer. #praisetheyam


LEGO Dimensions (year 2 figures)

This was one of the first E3 trailers that I saw and it’s still exciting to watch. I bought this game last month and have been having a lot of fun with it. The crossover element isn’t just part of the appeal but also the plot and the gameplay and now we’re getting even more franchises involved. The fact that in a few months I’ll be able to play as Finn in Middle Earth and have a team up of the original Ghostbusters and the new Ghostbusters is super exciting to a crossover fan like myself. I’m still sad that Disney Infinity has been cancelled but I’m glad there’s still a game like LEGO Dimensions to keep the toys to life crossover genre alive.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game looks beautiful. The visuals remind me of Studio Ghibli movies while the gameplay is both completely different from the rest of the Zelda games and familiar to it. As someone who chose to wear the Zora Armour for the majority of his Twilight Princess playthrough and loved that Wind Waker’s New Game+ has him in his Outset Island clothes I love the fact that the game will contain several different outfits and weapons. Honestly my only complaint is that Link isn’t left handed, but this time that’s just be being a little disappointed Link and I don’t have that in common rather than an actual handicap to gameplay like in Skyward Sword.

Spy – Review

Last night my parents asked if I wanted to watch this movie with them. I honestly didn’t really notice much promotion for it while it was new outside of a few posters at the Vue so it wasn’t something I really felt I had to see in 2015 before making my top 10 list. But it also wasn’t something I felt I needed to actively avoid, it was just something I figured I might watch when it was on Sky Movies… which is exactly what I did.

So as a comedy the big question to ask when doing a review is “was it funny?” and to that the answer is yes. That said there are a lot of jokes and recurring gags that don’t work or drag on too long and it has a very slow start. But it makes up for that by having a lot more scenes that are funny.


A big part of what makes the comedy work is the cast. Before this the only things I’d seen Melissa McCarthy in were Bridesmaids and the Kim Possible episodes she was in (on that note I didn’t know she was in Kim Possible until I checked Wikipedia, she’s DNAmy). This is the first film I’ve seen where she’s a lead character though and it is a funny performance, there are jokes that only worked because of her delivery. She gets a lot of hate, especially from the critics of the upcoming Ghostbusters film, but I can confidently say she is a great actress and I look forward to seeing what she brings to Ghostbuters.


I’d say the funniest performance in the film was Jason Statham. He’s not in it as much as the posters and trailers make it seem but the scenes with him and Melissa McCarthy interacting are the best parts of the film so it makes sense to use them to promote it. Out of all the already active agent characters in the film he’s the one who works the best.


The actual co-star of the film is Miranda Hart who is absent from most of the posters (and the one she is on has pretty much the entire cast on it). She and McCarthy work well as a double act and I’d like to see them work together on more films in the future.


Overall it’s a hit and miss comedy where the jokes that work make up for the ones that don’t. I’d say if you like other spy parody movies such as Austin Powers, Johnny English or Get Smart you’ll probably like this.