Spy – Review

Last night my parents asked if I wanted to watch this movie with them. I honestly didn’t really notice much promotion for it while it was new outside of a few posters at the Vue so it wasn’t something I really felt I had to see in 2015 before making my top 10 list. But it also wasn’t something I felt I needed to actively avoid, it was just something I figured I might watch when it was on Sky Movies… which is exactly what I did.

So as a comedy the big question to ask when doing a review is “was it funny?” and to that the answer is yes. That said there are a lot of jokes and recurring gags that don’t work or drag on too long and it has a very slow start. But it makes up for that by having a lot more scenes that are funny.


A big part of what makes the comedy work is the cast. Before this the only things I’d seen Melissa McCarthy in were Bridesmaids and the Kim Possible episodes she was in (on that note I didn’t know she was in Kim Possible until I checked Wikipedia, she’s DNAmy). This is the first film I’ve seen where she’s a lead character though and it is a funny performance, there are jokes that only worked because of her delivery. She gets a lot of hate, especially from the critics of the upcoming Ghostbusters film, but I can confidently say she is a great actress and I look forward to seeing what she brings to Ghostbuters.


I’d say the funniest performance in the film was Jason Statham. He’s not in it as much as the posters and trailers make it seem but the scenes with him and Melissa McCarthy interacting are the best parts of the film so it makes sense to use them to promote it. Out of all the already active agent characters in the film he’s the one who works the best.


The actual co-star of the film is Miranda Hart who is absent from most of the posters (and the one she is on has pretty much the entire cast on it). She and McCarthy work well as a double act and I’d like to see them work together on more films in the future.


Overall it’s a hit and miss comedy where the jokes that work make up for the ones that don’t. I’d say if you like other spy parody movies such as Austin Powers, Johnny English or Get Smart you’ll probably like this.


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