The Goonies – Review

This Father’s Day I got my dad two DVDs of films I recall hearing he liked that I hadn’t seen. One of them was Blue’s Brothers (which I’m sure we’ll watch soon) and the one dad chose for us to watch at the end of the day was the Goonies.

This is one of those films where details of the film have been part of pop culture for a while. I’ve seen gifs of the Truffle Shuffle all over the internet (usually the version where Chunk is deflecting bullets from Captain Picard) as well as general references to and art of Sloth (including being an upcoming character in LEGO Dimensions). It’s also often listed alongside classic 80s films so it was good to finally check this one off my To Watch list, especially since it’s a good film.


It’s interesting seeing where I know most of the Goonies themselves from. The only one I noticed during the film was Jonathan Ke Quan since this was only a year after he played Short Round but the others I had to check Wikipedia since I know most of them through newer roles, mostly voice work. The most notable role I know Sean Austin from is Sam in LotR but amusingly he and Corey Feldman are both in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon (as Raphael and Slash). The biggest surprise was that Josh Brolin was in this who I know as Thanos and the younger Agent K.


Overall this is a fun movie. The characters are likable and unique. If like me you haven’t gotten around to seeing this film yet I do recommend it. Plus it was a nice film to watch with my family on Father’s Day. I’m going to try and watch a couple more movies this week since I’ve been slacking on my film watching again, of course I’ve also got a new season of Orange is the New Black to watch and some Game of Thrones to catch up on so that might be tricky.



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