The Angry Birds Movie – Review

So I was originally planning on seeing Finding Dory for my monthly cinema trip but then I found out it doesn’t come out here until the end of July. I would have gone to a RWBY Volume 2 screening but the UK screenings are too far to be worth the trip. So I looked over the films currently showing near me and the one I figured I’d enjoy the most was this one.

So I have played a bit of Angry Birds before. While I lack a tablet or smart phone my dad has the game on his iPad and I’ve played it a few times on there. It’s a fun game, not great but it doesn’t need to be. Sometimes being a good game is enough and that’s pretty much my opinion on the movie. It’s a good movie and that’s all it really needs to be.

1271033 - THE WALK

I really like the way the film took the character designs from the game and designed full bodies for them. The personalities fit too, I don’t know if these are transferred from other elements of Angry Birds media or if they were invented for this movie but I liked them. I’d say Chuck was my favourite character and the source of some of the funniest scenes.


So a topic that I’ve seen return recently is concerning the quality of video game movies and their infamy for being bad wondering if the recent increase in the might change that. But to be honest I don’t think all video game movies are bad, in fact we’ve had plenty of good ones. We get a new Pokémon movie every year and so far I’ve liked all of them, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children was pretty well received and I think the animated Street Fighter movies are pretty decent. It seems to me that video game movies don’t have a problem, live action video game movies do. Angry Birds is simply the newest example of how animation is the best format for video game movies.


It’s a fun movie that took a simple concept and ran with it. If you like the games you’ll probably enjoy this. This film brings the total number of 2016 films I’ve seen up to 10 and now we’re halfway through the year I need to start picking up the pace to avoid my top 10 being most/half of the movies I saw.


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