Electra Woman and Dyna Girl – Review

I really liked Camp Takota and was looking forward to seeing the cast do another movie together so this film did catch my attention, the fact it’s also a superhero film is a bonus.

So I’ve never seen the original 70s series this is based on but from what I’ve read it was something of a parody of the Batman & Robin series. This film rather than model itself after current superhero films or shows is more of a story about selling out as the film is more of a parody of celebrity culture. It’s a good approach in my opinion.


The film itself is decent but nothing special. The best thing about it is the lead actresses themselves who are having a lot of fun being superheroes. There’s some good jokes too though there was also a couple of scenes that were weirdly brutal that didn’t seem to fit with the tone of the rest of the film. There’s a scene early in the film where Dyna Girl accidentally pulls a criminal’s arm off because her gadget didn’t work properly.


I really like the costumes. They’re well designed and wouldn’t look out of place in a Marvel film or DC TV show. If you’re a fan of Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart you’ll probably like this but for anyone else it’ll probably just be ok and would be better off watching Camp Takota. I’m looking forward to their next film with Mamrie Hart, Dirty 30, which will be coming out later this year. Expect to see a review from me when it comes out.


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