Ghostbusters (2016) – Review

There has been a lot of hate directed at this movie for extremely petty reasons. This is of course to be expected of reboots of iconic film franchises but the hate for this film has been ridiculous. Of course there’s the elephant in the room that is the sexism (along with the backlash you get for even acknowledging the sexism) but even ignoring that I’ve yet to find a valid criticism for this movie. Meanwhile I’ve liked the look of this film ever since they first started showing pictures of the cast in character.

I really liked this movie. In fact it’s one of the better films I’ve seen this year, I’ll be surprised if it isn’t part of my top 10 my the end of the year. It’s very funny, the cast did a great job and most importantly it’s a different story. The only worry I had about this film was that I didn’t want it to just be the original film but with the genders reversed, I wanted a new story with its own characters and that’s what I got. Of course it’s not too different either, there are parallels to the original that help make it feel like a Ghostbusters movie.


As I said one of the things I liked about this movie from the start are the designs. In fact it’s an area it surpasses the original in by a long shot, especially when translating into different art style. They also remind me of The Real Ghostbusters designs which is another plus for me being a fan of that show when I was younger.


All four leads did a fantastic job but Kate McKinnon steals the show as Holtzmann. She is the funniest character and is entertaining just about every time she is on screen. This is only the second film I’ve seen her in (the first being a small part in Angry Birds) but I’m really looking forward to seeing more from her.


Out of the three Paul Feig movies I’ve seen (the other two being Bridesmaids and Spy) this is his best. Also for fans of the Ghostbusters franchise there are some entertaining cameos and several variations of the original theme (but the first you hear is the original).


In conclusion this is great addition to the Ghostbusters franchise and I’m really looking forward to the LEGO Dimensions Story Pack it’s getting in September. Also be sure to stay after the credits. Now I’m off to Tumblr to reblog gifsets of this movie.


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