Kung Fu Panda 3 – Review

The original Kung Fu Panda was one of those Dreamworks movies I originally skipped until I started hearing good things about it. As some readers may remember I was planning to see this earlier in the year while it was still in cinemas but ended up going to see Zootopia instead. Now that it’s out on DVD I decided it was time to finally watch it.

The returning voice cast continue to do a great job. The majority of the Furious Five members are still underused but some do get a bit more dialogue than previous films. Bryan Cranston and J.K. Simmons are great additions to the cast and it was nice hearing Randall Duk Kim reprise his role as Oogway from the first film.

kung fu panda 3 spirit world

Something that the Kung Fu Panda movies have always been really good at are their visuals and this film is no exception. The scenery is stunning and after seeing Little Door Gods earlier this year I can actually see the influence Chinese animation has had on this film.


Another standout trait of this film is the soundtrack. Kai’s theme in particular is really neat and sets the tone every time he enters a scene swinging his blades. There’s also a Chinese cover of Kung Fu Fighting. I’d say this film has the best score of 2016 so far and includes some of Hans Zimmer’s best work.


Overall this is a fun film. If you liked the other films you’ll enjoy this one. Apparently there are plans to make more films in this series but if they give up on those plans this is a good place to end the story. Besides there are other Dreamworks films that deserve a sequel, like Megamind (seriously Megamind is one of their best films).


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