The Fundamentals of Caring – Review

So last night I decided to scroll Netflix’s New Releases section for 2016 films (on that note Netflix really needs to add to option to search by year or add a “films from this year” section). Last year when I did this I found the documentary Twinsters which I really liked and included in my top 10. The film I found this time was a Netflix Original called The Fundamentals of Caring.

So I went into this film knowing nothing about it. I hadn’t seen the trailer above this paragraph and I’d never heard of it before. I just knew it was a Netflix Original movie from 2016. That said when you open the film up on Netflix it’s pretty clear from the images that one of the main characters is in a wheelchair and in films there are concerns when this happens, especially when the actor playing them isn’t in a wheelchair and the film is from the perspective of a character who isn’t in a wheelchair. I was reminded of the criticism directed at the film Me Before You (which I haven’t seen) that bring up similar details.


Fortunately this film’s tone is a lot more lighthearted than that other film appears to be. There are emotional subplots but the strength of this movie is the comedy. The focus of the film is the road trip and the back and forth trolling between the two leads.

Fundamentals Of Caring

Honestly I’d say the weakest area of this film would probably be the emotional moments. Not for the reason I feared though, they were just a little too predictable. Paul Rudd’s character in particular you know exactly where each of his subplots are going the moment they’re brought up. The exception to this however is the romance between Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez’s characters Trevor and Dot which is both cute and funny.


The film was alright. It’s funny and has a great cast but I don’t think I’d have seen this had it come out in the cinema (probably wouldn’t have even heard of it). If you’re browsing Netflix for a film to watch like I did it’s a good choice. I’ll be sure to check Netflix for more films throughout the year, especially since I haven’t seen any documentaries yet…


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