The BFG – Review

This has been a pretty good month for watching movies. This makes 6 2016 films I’ve seen in one month, three of which I watched in the cinema. Hopefully I’ll match that next month, maybe even surpass it. I decided to wrap up this month’s cinema trips by seeing what the combination of Disney, Steven Spielberg and Roald Dhal is like.

It’s been a long time since the book was read to me as a child and I saw the previous film adaptation but watching this it certainly captured the way I remember the story. It’s also got a very clear Spielberg feel to it, you can see the effect he’s had on the film.


This film’s biggest strengths are in the visuals. Dream Country and the BFG’s house both look really impressive and the effects for the dreams are pretty neat. The BFG himself looks great, he resembles the classic book illustrations while also looking realistic.


A topic I remember one of my friends bringing up about this film before was concern about the giants being too scary for children. Having seen it though I think most children of the intended age group should be fine. The giants can be intimidating but they’re more like the giants you see in other fantasy and fairy tale films than the more monstrous designs they had in the old film which are more like the titans from Attack on Titan.


If you enjoyed the book as a child and like Spielberg movies you should like this too. This is one of the better Roald Dahl adaptations I’ve seen, which is a good thing because I did not care for the last two I saw, especially Fantastic Mr Fox which was awful.


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