Tallulah – Review

Last night I decided to watch another 2016 film on Netflix and as it turns out one had just been added the day before. And as the featured image suggests it’s a Netflix Original too.

Like with The Fundamentals of Caring I went into this knowing only what the Netflix description said. So far Netflix has been a pretty useful source of films to watch this year in terms of quality (quantity is sadly pretty low) because this film is really good.


I’ve only seen a small handful of the films Ellen Page has been in but she’s great in all of them and was the first thing that stood out about the film when scrolling through Netflix’s new releases. She gives another great performance here as a lot of her character’s charm comes from Page’s delivery. It’s also nice seeing her work with fellow Juno star Allison Janney again.


This is a very character driven story and having such a great cast really helps, with a different cast my thoughts on this film could have been very different. I also have to make note of some really cleverly shot scene transitions for flashbacks and dream sequences. This is director Sian Heder’s first film but she has worked on a few TV shows and short films beforehand and that experience really shows.


If you’ve got a Netflix account and have already finished the latest seasons of Bojack Horseman and Orange is the New Black and want something to watch while waiting for Luke Cage I recommend checking this film out. I look forward to seeing what other films I’ll find through Netflix this year.


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