Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review

I did say in my Batman: Bad Blood review that I was going to watch all the Batman movies and with Suicide Squad around the corner I figured I should get this one out of the way. I’ll admit going into this I had low expectations, it sounded like everything I was worried about concerning the film was true, but I did say that I wouldn’t judge it until I actually saw it. I even went with the extended version because I’ve heard people who defend the film recommend it to people who hated it. So I went into this with an open mind.

So lets start with the positives. The lighting is better than Man of Steel’s constant blue even during the day look, the batsuit is the best live action batsuit so far (especially after all the awful designs from the Nolan films), Wonder Woman has some cool moments, Aquaman’s design actually looks better in motion underwater than the still promo images and the actors are well cast. Yep, that’s it.


Superman is just as boring as he was in Man of Steel. Even scene he enters should feel like a big deal and it doesn’t. I’d say a big part of that come from the score, they just don’t have a good entrance theme for him and refuse to use the classic John Williams theme. In fact the soundtrack in general is just dull with Wonder Woman’s theme being the only stand out track. See this is how dull Superman was in this, the segment where I’m meant to be talking about him has has more time dedicated to talking about the soundtrack.


Originally I thought that at the very least they’d be able to get Batman right but instead he’s a mess. Apparently DC’s make everyone darker approach applies to Batman too because they got rid of his no kill rule and hate for guns taking away everything that makes Batman work as a character. He’s also fine branding criminals who have children with his symbol which for some dumb reason is considered a death sentence. Yes Batman, the man whose entire motivation comes from being made an orphan is perfectly fine with letting a parent die. And near the end of the film he brutally murders several of Luthor’s henchmen. The only things about him that work are the batsuit design and Ben Affleck himself who deserves to be playing Batman in a better movie.


As for Lex Luthor honestly he wasn’t that bad. Jesse Eisenberg gives a decent performance and there are times I think that with the right script he could be a great Lex Luthor. But the script for him is bad and I don’t get it. I said I wouldn’t judge him until we see him bald because that’s when we see the true Luthor but that’s not the case, this Luthor isn’t putting on a false personality for the public he’s just silly. It’s not that bad but it’s certainly not good either, I just hate that people are going to blame Jesse Eisenberg when he’s honestly the only good thing about the character.


But how was the fight? It is the title of the movie and even the negative reviews I’ve seen said they liked the actual fight. It was underwhelming. It’s shot well enough but compared to the action films I’ve seen this year and animated fights between Batman and Superman this one is just mediocre and honestly seemed pretty rushed.


But lets talk about the thing that really angered me about this movie. The pointless killing of newly introduced to the films members of Superman’s supporting cast. Really early in the film we’re introduced to Jimmy Olsen who is shot in the head about two minutes later (also he doesn’t meet Superman, you know his BEST FRIEND in the comics). Why was he Jimmy Olsen? He could have just been some guy but no they decided killing Jimmy Olsen was something they needed to do near the start of their film. But it gets worse because I notice Mercy Graves (pictured above) is in this too but shortly after she finally gets name dropped as Mercy she dies in an explosion caused by Luthor. What the hell is wrong with you Snyder? There was no reason for Mercy to be there, everyone else that was killed in that scene I can understand but why Mercy Graves? It wasn’t to throw suspicion away from Luthor because she isn’t even acknowledged after her death.


I suppose I should bring up Wonder Woman. She did have some cool moments in the final fight but they were really short and probably only stood out because Batman, Superman and Doomsday were all so bland in comparison. Before this scene she only really exists to foreshadow her solo movie and Justice League while her role in the final fight is as a guest, not enough attention is given to her because it keeps cutting away to the characters that aren’t fighting. She should have been given a bigger role.


This is the worst Batman movie I’ve seen, the worst Superman movie I’ve seen and the worst 2016 movie I’ve seen. Man of Steel may have been boring but it didn’t kill off Jimmy Olsen and Mercy Graves for no reason. If you want to see a movie about Batman and Superman not getting along go watch The Batman/Superman Movie (World’s Finest) or The Dark Knight Returns instead. But on the bright side at least when I tell people what I think the worst Batman movie I’ve seen is people are likely to agree with me now.


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