Suicide Squad – Review

The opinions on this movie really have been all over the place. After seeing the film myself I watched two reviews with pretty much exact opposite views on its quality. And even when we’d only seen the trailers there were strong views on both sides. So of course my opinion falls somewhere in the middle.

The production on this film was a mess and it shows, especially in the first few minutes where it feels more like I’m watching an extended trailer and near the end with a weirdly long slow motion scene. But with all that said the movie is fun which is what I was hoping it would be. It’s also a huge improvement after watching Batman V Superman.


While this is about a team the film mostly focuses on Deadshot and Harley Quinn which makes the most sense with one being played by the most famous actor in the cast and the other being the most famous character in the team. So I should start by talking about my thoughts on these two.


I was interested in seeing how Will Smith’s take on Deadshot would be, especially compared to Michael Rowe’s portrayal of him on Arrow. While I’d still say Michael Rowe is the better Deadshot Will Smith is a close second and gives one of the best performances in this movie. He has a couple of the best action scenes and some of the funniest lines.


Harley I have mixed feelings about. Margot Robbie is great and a lot of the best things about this version of Harley come from her performance. She has plenty of great lines and interactions with the rest of the squad. Most of the time she’s an entertaining character but there’s also shots that exist just for fan service which has really been a common problem for Harley. There are other issues I’ll get to later but in order to talk about them there’s another character I should talk about first.


My thoughts on Jared Leto’s Joker are that he’s ok. He’s not bad but he’s not good either. I think his voice is too similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker, and for context I never liked Heath Ledger’s Joker. The most positive thing I can say about him is that I like that he doesn’t have an extended smile like all the other live action Jokers, his smile is 100% his own. Unfortunately he just doesn’t have the kind of stand out performance needed to truly capture the Joker. He’s also a minor character, the trailers give the impression he’s going to be the villain but he’s really just part of a subplot and Harley’s origin story.


The issue concerning Harley and the Joker is focus. It’s clear their relationship is abusive and is accurate to the source material but the troubling thing is that because we only see this relationship from Harley’s point of view the abusive nature isn’t highlighted. This isn’t a Harley that has a conflict about her feelings, they stay the same from the start of the film to the end.


Overall I enjoyed more than I disliked. It’s a fun movie but not one I’d rewatch (I might watch clips from it and reblog gifsets on Tumblr though). And since I know none of them will be in my top 10 at the end of the year I’ll wrap up this review with my ranking of all of this year’s DC movies from best to worst.

Batman: Bad Blood > Suicide Squad > Batman: The Killing Joke > Justice League vs. Teen Titans > Batman V Superman


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