Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Review

I haven’t seen any of the other films in this series but I was invited to watch this with my parents so I did. I did ask if I should at least watch the first film for a bit of context but I was told it shouldn’t matter, and it didn’t. It was clear that it was following up after one of the previous movies (probably the last one) but it wasn’t hard to follow.

Of course I say that but I don’t really get a proper introduction to the main cast. Of course I can’t hold that against the film, it’s a sequel after all. Fortunately you pick things up quick enough and just knowing “oh these are Hunt’s coworkers/friends” is enough.


Speaking of said characters I wasn’t aware Simon Pegg was a series regular. I’d seen him in the trailers for this film but based on the dialogue it looks like he’s been in a few M:I films. He’s great in this as is to be expected and out of the returning cast he’s the one with the most attention outside of Tom Cruise himself.


The other two characters returning from other films are good too but it does feel like they had bigger roles in previous films and they’re just along for the ride. Seeing more from these two would be a good reason for me to check out the other films.


And since I’m talking about the cast I should talk about Tom Cruise himself. Tom Cruise the person has lost his popularity in recent years mostly through his connections to Scientology but he’s still a very good actor and even though I’ve not seen the other Mission: Impossible films it’s still clear that Ethan Hunt is a character he’s been playing for a long time and he knows just how to make the character work.


If there’s a weak link in the cast it’s the villain played by Sean Harris. He’s not bad, he’s just mediocre. He’s not terrible though, his deadpan performance suits the character but just feels weak when compared to the rest of the cast.


Of course in a spy movie one of the important questions to ask is how is the action. The action is good, it and the cast are the strong points of the film. And of course they’re usually accompanied by the iconic main theme.


The film was fun and one of the better spy movies I’ve seen outside of the comedies. I am considering watching the other four as a movie marathon sometime but I have another idea for what my next one will be. I’ll probably watch them before picking up the upcoming Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions though so maybe it’ll be the third marathon. My next review is probably going to be another recent spy movie that my parents invited me to watch…


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