Star Trek Beyond – Review

When I’ve asked friends about films from this year they’ve liked this movie has come up a couple of times. So it went from a film I might watch when it came out on DVD to something I should see in the cinema. Plus it was a good excuse to wear my Millennium Enterprise shirt.

So far I’ve only seen one of the original Star Trek films (Wrath of Khan) but I’m familiar with the popular mindset that the even numbered films are the good ones and the odd numbered films are the bad ones, so far in the new series the opposite is the case. This film was great and out of the three movies it’s the one that feels the most like Star Trek.


Early in the film the main crew as split up into pairs providing us with plenty of great character moments. Naturally the best moments come from Spock and McCoy but it’s important to highlight the late Anton Yelchin as Chekov. While this isn’t his last film it is the last appearance of his Chekov and I did worry he wouldn’t do much but in reality he’s got plenty of great moments. He’s the crew member that gets paired up with Kirk too meaning his scenes get a decent amount of attention.


Meanwhile the character Scotty is paired with is new character Jaylah played by Sofia Boutella. Her character interactions are very entertaining and she very quickly feels like part of the crew, in fact I really hope that she actually joins by the start of the next movie because I really do feel the main crew needs more characters from outside the original series, especially non human characters who mostly have minor roles.

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One topic that is regularly brought up when talking about this film is the fact that Sulu is gay (or at the very least part of a same sex couple). This has naturally been met with both praise and criticism, except this time there’s valid points on both sides. Most notably that George Takei doesn’t think Sulu should be gay, that it isn’t how Gene Roddenberry wrote the character and they would have been better off making a new character gay instead while Simon Pegg feels that it’s good that it’s a character the audience already knows and the filmmakers meant the choice of Sulu to be a tribute to Takei. And of course as is expected of me my stance is somewhere in the middle, I agree with both sides.


If you’re a fan of the new films or didn’t care for them but still like Star Trek this is worth watching. Meanwhile I really need to watch the rest of the older films, maybe it’ll be one of my movie marathon’s but since it’ll be a long one it won’t be the next one.


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