Finding Dory – Review

Anyone who read my Angry Birds review will probably know that I originally planned on seeing this in June but UK release dates delayed me so I ended up seeing Angry Birds instead. So now that I’ve seen it was it worth the wait?

Yes it was though my irritation at delayed UK releases still stands. The short before the film is adorable and the film itself is a great follow up to the original. Speaking of the short I wish more movies had shorts that played before them.


The comedy is very funny. One of the things that was memorable about Finding Nemo was how funny it was and I’d say Finding Dory is just as funny. The majority of the cast are new characters too meaning mostly new jokes, but some classics do make the occasional appearance (including the seagulls).


The new characters are a great addition to the cast. The stand out characters include Hank the octopus, Destiny the whale shark and the three sea lions. The returning characters aren’t overshadowed though, Ellen DeGeneres does a fantastic job returning to the role of Dory and it’s nice seeing Nemo along for the ride this time.


Is it as good as the original? Not quite but it doesn’t need to be, it’s still a great film. Also it has sea otters in it and they’re adorable. I know what the next film I’m seeing in the cinema this month is going to be and I’m already watching another film as I type this.


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