Special Correspondents – Review

It’s been almost a week since I watched this but I keep neglecting to write this review. So I watched this with my dad as it was on his Netflix watch list and if a film from this year.

It’s ok. There are funny jokes, unfunny jokes and jokes that just don’t work. In fact this average quality is a big part of why I’ve taken so long to write this, there isn’t much to say about the film outside of “it was alright”.


Ricky Gervais is just playing Ricky Gervais. Sometimes it works, other times it feels out of place. Eric Bana is ok but nothing special. The rest of the cast are talented but are somewhat underused. Kelly Macdonald’s character’s role is just to be nice and a love interest. America¬†Ferrera gives a great performance but her character’s scenes mostly consist of her misunderstanding the main characters which gets old really fast.


It’s not bad but it’s not exactly good either. I enjoyed it more due to watching it with my dad but compared to the other Netflix Original films I’ve seen this year this is the weakest. I’m sure it’s better than the Adam Sandler one but if you’re looking for a Netflix film to watch Tallulah and The Fundamentals of Caring are much better options.


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